Twitter declares war on biology by banning “misgendering”; feminist theologians publish “women’s bible”; why is the octopus so smart; and more in this week’s episode of Answers News hosted at the Creation Museum in front of a live audience.

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Twitter has declared war on biology by banning ‘misgendering’

In the #metoo era, feminist theologians publish ‘women’s bible’

Prehistoric whales used to simply suck their food out of the ocean

An exploding meteor may have wiped out ancient Dead Sea communities

Yes, the octopus is smart as heck. But why?

Oldest known footprints in Grand Canyon were left by mysterious, sideways-walking reptile

Brush & Nib Studio vs. City of Phoenix

Chick-fil-A defends itself after being excluded by private New Jersey university over its Christian values

Michigan lawmakers push fast-food restaurants to stop offering gender-based toys

New Jersey substitute teacher breaks it to first graders that Santa Claus isn’t real

Creationists remain hard at work trying to block sound science education


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